Zak Anastasi (Psychologist)

Zak is a registered psychologist with experience working with children, teenagers and adults. After graduating at Curtin University, he started his journey working in the employment services sector,supporting people with mental health concerns with entering or re-entering the workforce.From there Zak began to work in the disability sector, supporting people of all ages in coping with the challenges their disability presented them.

Zak also worked heavily with the families of his clients, supporting them with coping strategies and understanding behaviour. Having worked with kids and teenagers, Zak has developed a real passion for working within youth mental health, and supporting young people to cope with anxiety and depression, that can result from the unique pressures that young people face.

Outside of work, Zak enjoys spending time with his wife and baby daughter. When he’s not changing nappies or enjoying cuddles, he’s planning the next DIY project around the house.